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Cascadia Forest Therapy

Chloe Lee is a co-founder of Cascadia Forest Therapy, a Seattle-based non-profit offering forest bathing and nature therapy services for individuals, corporations, and community groups. Private sessions can be booked through Cascadia Forest Therapy or via email. Public sessions are on the CFT calendar.

Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Certification #21710026


How Forests Heal

The preeminent researcher on forest bathing, Dr. Quing Li, MD PhD, conducted a 2008 study of 13 female nurses on a three-day trip, in which the trip produced anti-cancer proteins and benefits lasting more than 7 days after the trip.  Dr. Li and the scientific community continue to research this exciting potential.


What is Forest Bathing?

Forest bathing is a gentle guided walk that includes sensory rehabilitation techniques, slow movement, and a wild plant tea ceremony. A session typically lasts 2 hours and takes place in a natural area.


 For decades scientists have been researching the physiological and psychological benefits of time spent in nature. A robust body of research that seems to agree that humans function best with regular, purposeful experiences in nature.

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