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Neo Myalo | New Mind

Chloe Lee is a primary contributor to Neo Myalo | New Mind, a collective of functional neurology practitioners, nutritional therapists, and mind change experts dedicated to the science and spirit of neuroplasticity - the amazing capacity of the human brain for transformation. Neo Myalo | New Mind is pioneering the use of plant and mineral essential oil formulas for brain health. Educational materials and tools created by Neo Myalo | New Mind reinforce and accelerate positive outcomes in changing mental and emotional patterns.

Vagal 2.0 - 600px.png

The vagal system is a keystone to all healing. Nothing facilitates positive change more than being in a vagal/parasympathetic state. The vagal nerve turns on digestion, blood sugar regulation, immune system responses, and sleep.

Neuro Speed - 600px.png

Neuro Speed and Neuro M are a powerful pair of formulas for elevating mental and physical performance. Use both formulas before any focused activity such as work or exercise, and notice increased capacity for attention, strength, and endurance.

Neo Forest Bathing - 600px.png

Pure phytoncides from sacred trees of the Pacific Northwest and Japan support the immune response. Neo Forest Bathing is a tool to anyone practicing nature meditation or guiding forest bathing walks. It can be used to create phytoncide-rich air anywhere.

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