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Important Notice: All content provided on this website is intended solely for informational purposes.

Psychedelics and sacred plant medicines may not be suitable for everyone. In her role as a psychedelic advocate and educator, Chloe Lee does not endorse the indiscriminate use or consumption of sacred plant medicines. Instead, she aims to provide educational resources to support the safe, mindful, conscious, and respectful use of these potent substances for purposes such as healing, transformation, growth, and expansion of consciousness.


If you decide to microdose or engage in psychedelic consumption, it is crucial to understand that this choice is a personal decision made at your own discretion, independent of any external recommendations, including those from Chloe Lee. Notably, Chloe Lee is not a medical professional, and any information she shares regarding psychedelics is not intended to serve as a treatment, diagnosis, or cure for physical conditions or mental illnesses.

Please be aware that the consumption of psychedelics remains an illegal act in the US and numerous other countries worldwide. Exercise discretion when determining when, where, and how to engage with psychedelics or any illicit substances.

Considerable caution is advised due to potential contraindications with various health conditions and pharmaceutical medications. It is imperative to conduct thorough research and take proactive measures to stay informed.

Refrain from consuming psychedelics while on any medications, especially SSRIs, without consulting with a qualified healthcare professional beforehand. If you opt to consume psychedelics, it is advisable to have a supportive individual present.

Assume full responsibility for the choices you make concerning your body, physical and mental health, and overall well-being. Importantly, Chloe Lee unequivocally discourages the independent consumption of ayahuasca, Iboga, or 5Meo-DMT at home under any circumstances. She strongly advocates for collaboration with a trained shaman or facilitator during these more profound mind-altering experiences involving powerful hallucinogenic substances.

Approach psychedelics with humility and respect, recognizing the potential for overconsumption and abuse. Sometimes, a more measured approach is preferable. Less is more in most cases.

For those contemplating engagement with psychedelics, carefully consider your preparation framework, the setting for your experience, and prioritize plant medicine integration to focus on meaningful behavior change.

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